Learn Which Digital Services Are Transforming Public Libraries

Your library patrons live in a world where digital content is always increasing in volume and changing in the ways that it is consumed. In order to stay relevant and best serve these patrons, we partnered with Library Journal to better understand how libraries across North America are using digital content services.

This benchmark report provides survey data that allows all of us to measure our progress in implementing best practices for digital content services in public libraries. This survey is intended to inform not just those that work in libraries, but the entire ecosystem, including vendors, publishers, and others. 

Specifically, you'll gain a better understanding of:

  • The impact of combining digital service offerings like streaming video, audiobooks, and eBooks into one easy-to-use app. 
  • The importance of cost-per-circ when considering which digital services to renew. 
  • The value of offering unlimited-access digital services to library patrons.